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AbbVie Partnering Day: Oncology

Oncology is a key therapeutic area for AbbVie, with a portfolio consisting of three marketed products — Imbruvica®, Venclexta™, and Empliciti™ — and a pipeline containing multiple promising new molecules that are being studied in nearly 200 clinical trials in 19 different types of cancer. . AbbVie has oncology R&D facilities in Lake County, IL, Redwood City, CA, South San Francisco, CA and Sunnyvale CA. AbbVie’s internal research and development efforts are balanced with external collaborations across industry, academia, and government.

Partnering Day specific areas of interest:

  • Treatments for both hematological and solid tumors
  • Stage of development:  Discovery or later stages of R&D with emphasis on IND-enabled assets
  • Novel Targets
  • Treatments with the following mechanisms of action:
    • Immuno-Oncology: blocking checkpoint inhibitors, T cell agonists, Myeloid/APC focus, etc.
    • ADCs: novel warheads, linker technologies, site-directed conjugation methods, and novel targets
    • Apoptosis
    • Targeted Cell Signaling
    • Cancer Stem Cells
    • DNA Damage
    • Epigenetics