CLSA’s Advocacy Center provides information about Bay Area local issues, California state and federal legislation, regulations and other policies of importance to biomedical research, biopharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics, bio-agriculture, and industrial and environmental biotechnology organizations.

Here you will find CLSA’s biomedical state, biomedical federal, agriculture biotechnology, and industrial & environmental biotechnology policy agendas, the latest information on local issues, state and federal legislation that CLSA is monitoring, and access to letters submitted by CLSA, BayBio and CHI to state and federal legislators, congressional testimony and comments.

Members of the media interested in speaking with CLSA opinion leaders on issues of federal, state or local public policy, please contact Will Zasadny, CLSA’s Associate Director of Communications ( or 858-456-8885).


Read a summary of the key issues that CLSA members have identified as most critical, along with CLSA’s goals and activities for addressing them.


Legislative Monitoring and Action

CLSA’s team of experienced government relations professionals on the ground in Washington, D.C., Sacramento and South San Francisco directly engage on local issues, state and federal legislation, regulations, and other issues of importance to biomedical research, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and diagnostics organizations across California.

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Get Involved

CLSA members are encouraged to participate in our committees and working groups to identify legislative issues, develop positions and take action.

Federal Legislative Committee – (FLC)

CLSA’s Federal Legislative Committee (FLC) discusses and develops positions and activities regarding federal legislation of importance to the CLSA membership. The FLC also reviews the activities of CLSA’s Coverage and Intellectual Property Working Groups, and assists in the development of CLSA’s federal policy, education, and advocacy agenda.

For questions on the FLC, please contact:

Jennifer Carey
Jennifer Nieto Carey
Vice President, Federal Government Relations and Alliance Development
(202) 974-6323
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Meghan Drenan
Meghan Drenan
Associate Director of Federal Government Relations
(202) 974-6322

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Mallori Meradino
Mallori Merandino
Manager of Federal Government Relations
(650) 871-3259

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State Legislative Committee – (SLC)

CLSA’s State Legislative Committee (SLC) identifies and develops position statements on bills of interest to CLSA’s membership. A subset of the SLC is the legislative strategy committee (LSC). This group is composed of Sacramento-based government affairs managers of CLSA members, as well as their contract counsel. This group sets legislative strategy and takes specific advocacy assignments for bills set for policy or fiscal committees, as well as the Assembly or Senate Floor.

For questions on the SLC, please contact:

Eve Bukowski
Eve Bukowski
Vice President of State Government Relations
(916) 443-5576
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Brett Johnson
Brett Johnson
Director, State and Local Government Policy
(916) 233-3490
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Christine Hwee
Christina Hwee
Associate of State Government Relations
(916) 233-3497
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For questions on the CLSA’s Bay Area advocacy efforts, please contact:

Reese Isbell
Reese Isbell
Director, Local Government & Community Relations
(415) 812-6209