Bd Biosciences, Systems & Reagents Inc.

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2350 Qume Dr
San Jose, CA 95131

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Medical Device


Organization Description

BD Biosciences is a business segment of BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company; NYSE: BDX) and is built on the BD 100-year foundation of quality, reliability, and commitment to customers and business partners around the world. As one of the world’s largest businesses serving the life sciences, BD Biosciences provides tools to study life from normal processes to disease states and to accelerate the pace of biomedical discovery and diagnosis. Throughout the world, clinicians and researchers use BD Biosciences tools to study genes, proteins, and cells to better understand disease, improve diagnosis and disease management, and facilitate the discovery and development of novel therapeutics. BD Biosciences has three units: Discovery Labware, Immunocytometry Systems, and Pharmingen and provides integrated, high-value products and services for a variety of applications in the life sciences, including immune function, oncology, and ADME/Tox. Its customers include academic and government institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals, reference laboratories, and blood banks. BD Biosciences operates globally, with regional offices in Asia-Pacific, Canada, Europe, Japan, Latin America, and the United States. BD Biosciences provides a comprehensive portfolio of reagents, systems, and technical expertise, offering solutions to life scientists and accelerating the pace of biomedical discovery and diagnosis. BD Biosciences Immunocytometry Systems As a leader in immunology and cell analysis, BD Biosciences Immunocytometry Systems provides flow cytometry solutions for research and clinical use with applications for immune function, vaccine research, infectious disease, and oncology. Products also included optical instrumentation systems for real-time analysis of interactions taking place in living cells. Major product brands include BD FACS™, BD FACSAria™, BD FACSCanto™, BD FACSArray™, BD FACSCalibur™, BD FACSVantage™ SE, BD FACSAria™, BD Trucount™, and BD Oncomark™. BD Biosciences Pharmingen With a leading position in research immunology, BD Biosciences Pharmingen provides biomedical research reagents and kits with applications for cell biology, immunology, molecular biology, oncology, proteomics, and signal transduction. Major product brands include BD PowerBlot™, BD Pharmingen™, BD Imag™, and BD Transduction Laboratories™. In addition, BD Biosciences Pharmingen offers BD ELISPOT™ reagents and BD cytometric bead arrays (CBAs). BD Biosciences Discovery Labware With leading expertise in fluid handling, cell and tissue culture, and cell screening, BD Biosciences Discovery Labware provides products and services with applications for drug discovery, ADME/Tox, high throughout screening angiogenesis, and tumor invasion. Major product brands include BD Falcon™, BD BioCoat™, BD Matrigel™, and BD Gentest™ For More Information about BD Biosciences, contact: Eugene A. Vivino, Jr. Vice President, Strategic Planning and Portfolio Management