Bell Biosystems, Inc.

Organization Address
3603 Haven Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Organization Phone
(650) 380-8439



Organization Description
Bell Biosystems is dedicated to developing biologically inspired tools to accelerate preclinical research and development. We are pioneering the use of synthetic organelles to add new function to cells. Our first product, the Magnelle, generates a magnetic nanoparticle by taking up intracellular iron. Cells labeled with Magnelles can be longitudinally tracked, localized, and thermally ablated non-invasively using external magnets. Magnelles hold significant promise for applications in regenerative medicine and oncology by providing answers to some of the most sought after questions in these fields: Can we track cells in the body over time? Can we monitor cell division? And can we direct and destroy specific cells?

Therapeutic Areas

Drug Delivery Technologies
Gene/Cell Therapy; Imaging; Stem Cell Research

Clinical Development Stage