Organization Address
67 Cyclotron Rd
Berkeley, CA 94720

Organization Phone
(510) 402-6871



Organization Description
Today, there are questions that researchers cannot answer and diseases that medics cannot detect because of roadblocks with current optical imaging probes regarding signal loss, toxicity, and high background. Bikanta's revolutionary nanodiamond-based platform technology puts these issues in the past. Bikanta's vision is to become the number one provider of functionalized nanodiamonds and background-free optical imaging. Nanodiamonds give a strong signal, literally forever. Furthermore, they are exquisitely sensitive to magnetic fields, a property that can be manipulated for background-free optical imaging. This method breaks the boundaries of current optical imaging methods by allowing deeper visualization into tissue. Bikanta's early results have already improved the signal by as much as 100-fold over conventional florescence imaging techniques. Nanodiamonds truly are our best friends.

Therapeutic Areas
Cancer; Dermatology

Drug Delivery Technologies
Drug Delivery; Imaging; Nanotechnology

Clinical Development Stage