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Unconscious Bias: What Human Resource Professionals Should Know


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Unconscious Bias: What Human Resource Professionals Should Know

This is a partnered event between BOLD and the California Life Sciences Association (CLSA), formerly BayBio and CHI.

Recent social science research suggests that we all harbor unconscious biases which impact our behavior toward others. This research suggests that our biases evidence themselves in a variety of overt behaviors, despite our conscious desires and intentions to be impartial and fair to all concerned. This lively program discusses research findings in the context of the workplace, and encourages personal engagement and reflection on the nature of our biases. This interactive workshop highlights how bias may impact our decision-making, from hiring to disciplining to termination. The program discusses methods for reducing bias and enhancing the skills of HR professionals who work in multi-cultural environments.

Claudia M. Viera, Esq.


Bold Roundtable/Exchange


Thursday, July 16th
4:00 — 6:30 pm


HCP/CLSA Event Center
250 East Grand Avenue #26,
South San Francisco, CA 94080


Pre-Registration: (by Wed. July 15th)
– BOLD and CLSA Members: free — (must pre-register online to confirm attendance)
– Non Members: $35

Onsite Registration:
– BOLD and CLSA Members: $10
– Non Members: $45

For on-site registration, we are currently accepting only credit card or check. Light refreshments will be served.