Brand Building for Early-Stage Life Science Companies

San Francisco, CA


9:30am - 11:00am

Time to grow up: Getting out of the lab and into the boardroom

All too often, with a laser focus on the lab, early-stage life science companies don’t recognize the benefits a well-known brand brings to the future development of their company. And yet brand building is integral to making that leap from the lab into the boardroom, and ultimately to market.
But when is the right time to start building your brand so the broader community can see it?
A reputable brand is an organic, living thing that takes time to develop. A Phase I trial is the critical point to start making your company and therapy more visible to the life science ecosystem. The science is showing promise but a strong brand presence is needed to get it through the rest of trial process and to gain the next round of investment to bring it to the market.
This session will explore the tools at your disposal to rally a founding team into building a strong, compelling corporate brand.

Nick Lowe

Nick Lowe

Presenter, Nick Lowe, founded 451 Marketing in 2004 with friend and colleague AJ Gerritson to create an agency that would offer its clients a better way to build their brands. By harnessing emerging technologies that could be coupled with deep insights and inspired creativity, they help their clients connect and engage with target audiences in a way that is enduring and meaningful. With over 18 years of branding, marketing and communications experience, Nick has worked with companies large and small across a variety of industries, but with a particular focus on the life sciences. Between biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device and digital healthcare, Nick has worked tirelessly to help his clients raise the voice of their groundbreaking discoveries and to shepherd them through the wild ride of taking an idea from lab to market.

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