CardioDx, Inc.

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600 Saginaw Drive
Redwood City, CA 94063

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(650) 475-2788



Organization Description
Corus® CAD is the only blood test that can quickly and safely assess whether or not your patient's symptoms are due to obstructive* coronary artery disease (CAD). Corus CAD is a decision-making tool that can help identify patients unlikely to have obstructive CAD and help you determine appropriate next steps for patient management. Clinically validated in a large, prospective, multicenter trial in the U.S. called PREDICT1 Provides an assessment of your patient's current disease state without risks associated with imaging radiation, imaging agents, and/or contrast solutions Gene expression test that integrates the expression levels of 23 genes involved in the development of and/or response to atherosclerosis into a single score, which has been proven to accurately identify patients without obstructive CAD The first sex-specific test for CAD that accounts for key biological differences between men and women Has high sensitivity and negative predictive value, and improves the classification of patient disease status1

Clinical Development Stage