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CLSA’s 2018 Back to Session Reception a Success

On Feb. 7, CLSA held its annual Back to Session Reception to welcome legislators back to Sacramento for the commencement of another legislative year, as well as to honor those legislators identified by CLSA membership as Life Sciences Champions. Dozens of legislators and at least two hundred other attendees packed the Ella Dining Room and Bar to see the presentation and mingle with those representing the life sciences industry, among others.

CLSA Helps Lead Coalition Efforts to Repeal Disastrous Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB)

​This month (February 9), Congress passed and the President signed into law a full and permanent repeal of the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB). Eliminating the IPAB is critical for the continued success of California’s innovative life sciences sector, because the board could have harmed biomedical innovation by reducing incentives for investment in new research and product development.

Drumbeat in Sacramento on Opioids Continues to Grow Louder

Following the Feb. 16 deadline for submitting new legislation to be considered for enactment this year, CLSA expects to see more than a dozen bills related to opioids when the dust settles. The ultimate number of bills dealing with the subject will not be apparent immediately, as many are introduced in a generic format, which is called a “spot bill,” and later amended with more specific language.