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State Begins Process of Implementing Drug Price Reporting Legislation

Last year, Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 17 (Hernandez) into law. The law requires manufacturers to provide a 60-day advance notice of any price increase on a drug to all California public agency purchasers, health insurers, and pharmacy benefit managers (PBM) if that drug’s price has increased 16 percent or more cumulatively over the previous two calendar years, including the current year’s increase.

2018 Federal Policy Agenda

CLSA’s seasoned federal government relations team is engaged on behalf of the biomedical, agriculture, and industrial biotechnology sectors in multiple ways through strategic collaborations and direct lobbying in Washington, D.C. to advance innovation, investment and job creation for California’s treasured life sciences ecosystem. Read CLSA’s 2018 federal policy goals here.

2018 Local Policy Agenda

In 2018, CLSA will continue to direct and expand its one-of-a-kind locally-focused program throughout the state. CLSA expects to engage in local policy and advocacy in the following areas: Local Drugs/Sharps Take Back Legislation; Polystyrene/Styrofoam Bans; San Francisco Gross Receipts Tax (GRT); Transportation; Housing and Education.

CLSA Advocates for Rare Disease Research

On Feb. 7, CLSA held its annual Back to Session Reception to welcome legislators back to Sacramento for the commencement of another legislative year, as well as to honor those legislators identified by CLSA membership as Life Sciences Champions. Dozens of legislators and at least two hundred other attendees packed the Ella Dining Room and Bar to see the presentation and mingle with those representing the life sciences industry, among others.