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Survey: Showcasing the Bay Area’s Entrepreneurial Strength in the Life Sciences

The California Life Sciences Institute (CLSI) is working with Bay Area partners to demonstrate the breadth and depth of the Bay Area’s life science startup community, an endeavor that has been undertaken successfully in other major life science clusters across the country. While a number of organizations that support these startups keep some data, our … Continue reading Survey: Showcasing the Bay Area’s Entrepreneurial Strength in the Life Sciences

Introducing the Fall FAST 2015 Companies

Four dynamic life science startups – vetted and selected by a distinguished review panel this summer – have been selected for CLSI’s Fall 2015 Fellows All-Star Team (FAST) Advisory Program. The Fall 2015 FAST companies are: Cairn Biosciences, developers of a live cell high-content screening platform; Nodexus, commercializing a novel microfluidic platform for identifying and characterizing biomedical … Continue reading Introducing the Fall FAST 2015 Companies

Breaking Down Lung Cancer

LUNG CANCER PRIMER The hit TV series Breaking Bad features anti-hero Walter White, who starts out as a sympathetic character: a mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher with a nagging cough that turns out to be lung cancer. Money problems precipitated by costly treatments, poor insurance, and a modest salary push him to start cooking up … Continue reading Breaking Down Lung Cancer

California Life Sciences Institute (CLSI) Launches to Maintain California’s Leadership in Life Sciences Innovation

CLSI launched today to focus on fostering the innovation that has made California home to the world’s most prominent life sciences ecosystem. The Institute was previously known as the BayBio Institute, which was established in 1990. Today, CLSI works to ensure that the economic and intellectual power of California’s life sciences sector and its employees remains strong.