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The Fresno Bee: Opinion: Policy decisions must promote hope to patients in need

Dr. R. Swamy Venturupalli, a former Clinical Chief of Rheumatology at Cedars Sinai Medical Center and a leader in the field of genetic and molecular causes of autoimmune diseases, pens an op-ed in The Fresno Bee highlighting the need to be aware of the potential and unintended consequences when it comes to healthcare decisions, including protecting patients, encouraging innovation and ensuring life-saving medications are available to all who need them.

CLSA Letter to Editor: CALMatters: New Drugs Keep People Alive, Serve Public Health Interests

CLSA’s own Eve Bukowski, our VP of State Government Relations and a cancer fighter pens a letter to the editor of CALMatters, which pushes back on a recent article in CALMatters (“California Searches for Prescription to Treat Rising Drug Costs,” April 10) that suggests the state simply could not afford to treat poor patients who need life-saving medicines to treat their serious or even life-threatening illness.

CLSA Letter to Editor: LA Daily News: Risks from medical waste shouldn’t be overstated

A Letter to the Editor authored by CLSA President & CEO Sara Radcliffe was published in the Los Angeles Daily News. This letter responds to an opinion piece originally published February 18 by Heidi Sanborn, executive director of the California Product Stewardship Council, a key group pushing the local takeback initiatives in California.