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2018 California Primary State Election Results

As results from yesterday’s California Primary Elections continue trickling in, CLSA’s state government relations team would like to share a brief update on some anticipated changes in the makeup of the California Legislature, and offer additional details on several key California races you may be interested in. 

Proposal for the State to Set Doctor and Hospital Prices Hits Snag

AB 3087 would create a California commission to set commercial rates for health plans, providers, and hospitals in an attempt to curtail health care costs. CLSA has considered the bill as a blunt instrument for an incredibly complex issue and consequently likely to result in substantial unintended consequences, many of which could impact patient care in California for many years to come.

State Holds Industry Workshop for Drug Price Reporting Legislation

Last year, Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 17 in law, which requires manufacturers to provide a 60-day advance notice of any price increase on a drug to all California public agency purchasers, health insurers, and pharmacy benefit managers (PBM) if that drug’s price has increased 16 percent or more cumulatively over the previous two calendar years, including the current year’s increase.

Update on California Ballot Measures

As of March 31, five statewide ballot propositions had been certified for 2018. The state legislature has until Aug. 31, 2018, to refer additional propositions for the ballot. A summary of these propositions are below.

Past and Upcoming CLSA PAC Events

The CLSA PAC is gearing up for multiple events in the upcoming quarter, including events for Senator Dr. Richard Pan, Assemblymember Marc Berman, Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, Assemblymember Blanca Rubio, and a candidate from the Senate District 22, Susan Rubio.