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Precision Medicine: Developing Companion and Complementary Diagnostics in an Evolving Regulatory Environment

As the U.S. healthcare system seeks to improve outcomes, while simultaneously decreasing cost, the ability to precisely target therapeutic approaches becomes increasingly important. Whether by leveraging the expanding knowledge of genomics and proteomics, or through development of novel biomarkers that predict response to therapeutic tools, precision medicine holds the keys to unlocking these target goals.

Annual Spring Reception on Capitol Hill

Join us for an evening with members of Congress, legislative staff, key government officials, life sciences industry executives, academic leaders, the patient community, and other sector stakeholders for an annual celebration of the state’s achievements in biomedical and life sciences innovation. This event in Washington D.C. fosters rich conversations about the issues that matter most to the continued success of California’s vibrant innovation ecosystem.

Spring 2017 Fellows All-Star Team (FAST) Opening Showcase

Designed to help promising life science startups prove their business model and develop a compelling commercialization strategy, the acclaimed FAST program draws on a high-level team of advisors to provide experience, contacts and counsel to the selected participants. Please join the California Life Sciences Institute to meet and hear opening presentations from the companies selected … Continue reading Spring 2017 Fellows All-Star Team (FAST) Opening Showcase

AbbVie Partnering Day

Register Today GENERAL NETWORKING RECEPTIONPLENARY SESSION   AbbVie has the expertise of a proven pharmaceutical leader and the focus and passion of a biotech. The result is something rare in health care today – a global biopharmaceutical company that has the ability to discover and advance innovative therapies and meet the health needs of people … Continue reading AbbVie Partnering Day