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Brightseed Bio

Brightseed discovers plant-based nutritional bioactives and incorporates them into everyday food products. By restoring nutrients that have been lost in our modern diet, Brightseed strengthens the body’s inherent ability to maintain good health.


Mekonos’ mission is to make cell and gene therapy more universally accessible. Toward that goal, we are developing a patent-pending nanorobotic chip technology to deliver any drug molecule into a massive array of single cells in a highly targeted manner for genetic engineering and treatment of diseases such as cancer. The problem with viruses for … Continue reading Mekonos

LifeScienceIT Inc.

LifeScienceIT aims to accelerate drug development process and cut development cost for life science organizations by developing a cutting-edge, scalable, standard-aligned, regulatory filing driven, and compliant cloud platform with disruptive apps. Helping client to be successful is our success and patient’s happiness.

Hummingbird Bioscience

Hummingbird Bioscience is a highly innovative biotech company, with facilities in Singapore and Silicon Valley, focused on applying advances in systems biology to rapidly develop antibodies into successful cancer therapeutics.

Nitrome Biosciences

We are a discovery stage biotech company that has discovered a new target and are developing thereapeutics against this target, initially for Parkinson’s disease.

ViroMissile, Inc.

Our company is committed to developing the next generation of oncolytic viruses for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Treedal Inc

Treedal Inc. is a company founded by Barbara Hulley. The objective of Treedal is to create innovative cosmeceutical products focusing on dermal rejuvenation through the activation of our bodies wound healing pathways.


CellFE is an early stage life sciences company that brings innovative technology to engineer cell therapies to fight cancer and other challenging diseases.