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INanoBio Inc

INanoBio is developing two disruptive product platforms for future personalized and preventative diagnostics and medicine. First product: INanoBio is developing an advanced patented sequencer that will be priced below $10,000, capable of sequencing the whole genome in 15 minutes with high accuracy, at a cost close to $100, in effect democratizing genomic diagnostic testing. Incumbent … Continue reading INanoBio Inc

Avails Medical, Inc.

Avails Medical Is a medical device start up company developing electrical biosensor technology for rapid antibiotic susceptibility testing. With the Avails technology information on proper antibiotic treatment of an infection will be provided two days earlier than with current methods.

APstem Therapeutics, Inc.

APstem Therapeutics was founded in 2017 by scientists from Stanford University, to develop novel technologies and therapies using a new type of adult pluripotent stem cells that can expand rapidly and differentiate into cell lineages originated from three germ layers. Our mission is to develop novel stem cell technology targeting unmet medical needs.


Ixchel Scientific has developed Patient-Derived 3D Culture (PD-3D™) platform for drug discovery and testing in oncology. PD-3D™ provides organ-specific tumor microenvironment where drugs can be tested under near-human conditions. PD-3D™ platform offers superior clinical relevance compared to currently used in vitro models.

Tempathic, Inc.

Tempathic is a SaaS automation, orchestration and analytics application for controlled environments. We automate human workflows in biomedical/biotech labs, production environments, and the cold chain. Biomedical and Biotech Pharmaceutical, molecular diagnostics, immunoassay, medical device, biospecimen, biosynthetics and similar companies operating controlled environments, can use Tempathic to manage workflows in their labs (CLIA, CAP, R&D, BS-1/4), … Continue reading Tempathic, Inc.