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D2G Oncology

D2G Oncology relates drugs to genotypes to transform precision cancer therapeutics

Accelero Biostructures

Accelero Biostructures is capitalizing on over 20 years of structural genomics and structural biology expertise using high-throughput protein X-ray crystallography with our ABS and ABS-OneStep platforms. ABS provides a unified pipeline of gene-to-structure protein X-ray crystallography solutions aimed at the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to support structure-based drug discovery and protein engineering. ABS-OneStep is our … Continue reading Accelero Biostructures


VastBiome is a drug discovery company that is leveraging the power of deep learning, distributed supercomputing, and next-generation sequencing to disrupt the drug discovery process.


Serotiny is builiding a high-throughput development platform to design proteins for unique demands including treatment of cancers and genetic disorders.

Rubedo Life Sciences

We are developing a novel technology that promises to fight aging and promotes health span in a smart, safe and controlled way.

Quartz Therapeutics

Quartz Therapeutics is an early stage biotech company focused on developing new small molecule inhibitors for RAS-driven cancers. Our founders include medicinal chemistry expert Robert Zamboni and world leading RAS expert Frank McCormick. We are currently in the hit to lead stage and plan to begin IND enabling studies in 2018.

Odyssey Therapeutics

Odyssey Therapeutics is a computational immunology company creating innovative therapies for patients with autoimmune diseases. Despite a significant fraction of the aging U.S. population developing an autoimmune disease, the space is underserved and the treatments lacking. Using modern machine learning techniques, Odyssey is transforming the landscape of autoimmune treatments. Everyone has a unique physiology and … Continue reading Odyssey Therapeutics