Celebrating Our Leadership

This week we pause to celebrate our local life sciences industry at BayBio’s Pantheon Ceremony. It’s a reflection of the history that has made the Bay Area the largest and most productive life sciences region in the world. It’s also a peek into the future of life science leaders that will continue the region’s success and innovation. Taken together, it’s this collection of the strength and wisdom of nearly 1,000 life sciences companies that creates a culture of innovation and success that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. As one of BayBio’s largest events of the year, Pantheon is a microcosm of the sense of community and the energy that drives our industry forward.

Encompassing this sense of community, BayBio has a new look and feel to go along with the ever more powerful voice we have grown over the last couple of years. It captures the essence of the Bay Area life sciences community and reflects our mission — bringing together the Bay Area’s collective strength and experience, helping companies grow, connect and advocate to solve some of humanity’s most pressing challenges.

Our organization is as strong and as productive as we have ever been having built upon our programs and services tailored to the unique needs of our members. For example:

  • BayBio’s purchasing group program has grown to provide members of all sizes with the purchasing power of the world’s largest life science cluster;
  • In one of the most challenging economic environments the industry has ever experienced, BayBio has introduced members to new sources of capital such as corporate venture, disease foundations and sovereign funds;
  • BayBio has become the leading voice on the public policy impacting the life sciences industry in Northern California and our staff is regularly called upon to provide expert testimony before regulatory and legislative bodies;
  • And the BayBio Institute’s work in science education, career development and entrepreneur development has helped drive our industry’s future.

Working together as a community makes us all stronger. It gives us strength in numbers, strength in scope, and strength in reach to advance both member and industry goals. Your feedback and your engagement in BayBio programs helps all of us grow. BayBio will continue to amplify those efforts to work together.