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CLSA Fellows

The CLSA Fellows program is designed to nurture and grow new and incubator companies in California. The program provides a significant reduction in member dues ($200/year) for qualifying early-stage companies, allowing them full access to CLSA’s purchasing group programs, the complete CLSA portfolio of benefits, as well as discounts to best practice seminars, conferences, and other networking events. CLSA is proud to include some of the region’s most innovative life sciences companies in the Fellows Program. Use the Directory below to access the profiles and contact information of our Fellow companies. Fellows, use this page to:

  • Find other Fellows
  • Target relevant CLSA events
  • Access the Expert Network
  • Join the Fellows Group on LinkedIn
  • Sign up for complimentary access to our research database

About the Fellows Program

CLSA Fellows are early stage life science companies:

  • based in California
  • with 12 or fewer employees
  • that are pre-commercial*
  • that have raised less than $5 million in funding.

* no sale of product or services for purpose of establishing a business

Life sciences entrepreneurs who are interested in becoming Fellows will need to complete the CLSA Fellow application. The application will be reviewed internally for approval. Fellows will be notified upon acceptance and will immediately gain access to the full array of CLSA member benefits and programs.



Fellows Directory