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Menlo Park, CA 94025-1133

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Organization Description
Deriving Cell Therapies From Human Embryonic Stem Cells Human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) have two distinct characteristics that distinguish them from other naturally occurring types of stem cells. Indefinite replicative capacity ? indefinite proliferation to enable production of a limitless supply of cells for scalable manufacturing of products for clinical use. Pluripotency ? capacity to develop into most cell types for the potential treatment of a wide range of diseases and conditions. HESCs serve as the starting material in the manufacture of specific functional therapeutic cell types. Cryopreserved, hESCs are thawed and expanded in their undifferentiated state to enable production of large multi-dose manufacturing lots. After the expansion stage, the undifferentiated hESCs are then treated with specific biologicals and growth factors to induce them to differentiate into specified functional cell types. Final product is cryopreserved for distribution and on-demand use at the point of care. Geron has developed new technologies and processes to support this product model. Each therapeutic cell type derived from hESCs has multiple functional properties that cannot be mimicked by any single drug or conventional biologic, presenting a real opportunity to address significant unmet medical needs. GRNOPC1 ? Oligodendrocyte progenitors GRNCM1 ? Cardiomyocytes GRNIC1 ? Pancreatic islet cells GRNCHND1 ? Chondrocytes GRNVAC2 ? Dendritic cells

Clinical Development Stage
Phase II