How do we out innovate?

Another great opinion article about innovation and education came out today through Xconomy. Gerard Tellis, a USC professor among other accomplishments, says that U.S. schools lag their counterparts in the developed world but foster more inquisitiveness.

“U.S. schools lag their counterparts in developed countries in terms of science and math scores. However, U.S. schools foster more questioning, independence, and initiative in students than schools in other parts of the world. Indeed, this attitude may be one of the principal drivers of innovation in the U.S. Governments need to realize the huge role such traits play in developing innovations and foster them. For this purpose, inter-school innovation fairs and competitions would probably do more than training for rote test taking in math and science.”

Read the entire article here.

For us at BayBio, this very statement is the reason we will hold the first Bay Area BioGENEius Challenge, sponsored by Amgen, sanofi-aventis and the Biotechnology Institute. The winners will go onto to compete with other regional winners at the annual BioGENEius Challenge held in conjunction with the annual BIO Convention. If you know a student or a parent that is looking to help us out innovate the world, send them to the competition. There is more information at