Igenica, Inc.

Organization Address
863A Mitten Road, Ste 100B
Burlingame, CA 94010

Organization Phone
(650) 231-4320



Organization Description
Igenica has reduced target validation and monoclonal antibody discovery to practice by integrating novel target and antibody discovery technologies that identify first-in-class targets and anticancer monoclonal antibodies using an in vivo screen. This approach allows for go/no-go decisions early in the discovery process and selection of monoclonal antibodies that have in vivo activity. To identify candidate target antigens, Igenica has developed the sTAg discovery platform, a forward-looking proteomics platform that focuses on the surface proteome of human tumors. Candidate targets identified in sTAg are then assessed using the iTAb platform. iTAb is an antibody discovery platform that provides an in vivo function based assessment of target antigens and antibody drug candidates. Using this approach, the functional impact of a monoclonal antibody against a target antigen can be evaluated in vivo as the first step in the antibody discovery process.

Clinical Development Stage