IR2DX, Inc.

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7 Lamp Court
Moraga, CA 94556

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IR2Dx creates diagnostics to detect pre-diabetes, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and guides treatment through drug intervention. IR2Diagnostics (IR2Dx Inc.) is an innovative and technology oriented company developing and marketing a line of diagnostics for the detection and management of diabetes and other major medical complications of insulin resistance such as acute coronary artery disease. The MISSION of IR2Dx is to assist the global medical community in lowering the cost of the diabetes epidemic by providing additional information on whether or not current treatment modalities are meeting overall therapeutic goals and in allowing changes in patient behaviour to lower the actual incidence of the disease in high risk patients. Using a network of partners on a global scale, we will offer users a choice of diagnostic platforms from point of care physician offices, when practical all the way to fully automated instrument systems to meet the needs of hospital laboratories and large commercial laboratories.

Clinical Development Stage