Johnson & Johnson Announces Plans to Establish Innovation Centers

Johnson & Johnson will establish four regional innovation centers in major life sciences communities in the world as part of a novel approach to accelerate early innovation and enhance opportunities for collaboration and investment across its global healthcare businesses.

Johnson & Johnson is targeting the leading innovation hotspots in California, Boston, London, and China. The innovation centers will serve as regional hubs focused on identifying early stage innovations, and establishing novel collaborations to invest in and speed development of those innovations to solve unmet needs in patients. Each innovation center will house science and technology experts and have local deal-making capabilities, with flexibility to adapt deal structures to match the early-stage opportunity.

The innovation centers will provide scientists, entrepreneurs and emerging companies focused on early stage opportunities with one-stop access to science and technology experts at Johnson & Johnson who can facilitate collaborations across its pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics and consumer companies.

With California and the San Francisco Bay Area leading the world in innovation, leading healthcare companies like Johnson & Johnson are sure to find the best science and technology in teh world. Read the entire release here.

According to the release, the four innovation centers are scheduled to be operational in the coming months. Johnson & Johnson has a longstanding history of accessing early innovation through the Corporate Office of Science and Technology, Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation and RedScript Ventures, and through efforts within its business sectors. Those early stage efforts will now be coordinated through the innovation centers.  Later stage licensing and acquisition opportunities, and any deals with established larger pharmaceutical companies and mid to large biotech, as well as all M&A activities will continue to be managed by the Business Development team.