Member to Member Provider Application

CLSA Member-to-Member is exclusively for CLSA members from CLSA members and is an opportunity for CLSA members to provide fellow CLSA members with a discount on products and services, and/or additional value added benefits. Please contact Sam Assmann with any questions at

  • Please detail the benefits, discounts, and value‐added services to be exclusive to CLSA members. This will appear online.
  • Please provide a brief overview of the Prospective M2M Provider company and the products/services the Prospective M2M Provider proposes to offer the CLSA members through the M2M program.
  • What is the size and distribution of the Prospective Provider sales force/service teams in Northern California?
  • Customer Referrals

    Please provide at least three client referrals (preferable BayBio members or Life Sciences Companies) including contact information.