President's Corner

Merger Brings Great Opportunity For Members’ Voices

Our members wanted and requested for some time one encompassing organization representing our industry. Last week, a working group from BayBio and CHI signed a non-binding Letter of Intent to merge BayBio and CHI into a single, all-encompassing organization, the California Biomedical Innovation Alliance (CBI). Today the two Boards also jointly announced the appointment of Sara Radcliffe as the CEO of the new entity.

Read the press release here.

Never before has there been so much potential to bring improved health to so many people around the globe, but without supportive public policy, the potential of new innovations to transform health and life will not be realized. The merger of CHI and BayBio will create the strongest possible organization, capable of advocating for policies that support innovation and enable the success of our member organizations, as well as the growth of the life sciences sector within California.

CBI will allow our industry to speak with a single and stronger voice, enhance advocacy efforts and provide expanded services and programming to current BayBio and future CBI members.

The new organization will continue to serve all constituents in our industry – large and small therapeutic companies, industrial biotech, agbio, diagnostics, devices, digital health, entrepreneurs, academics, the venture community and service providers.

The newly combined organization, at greater than twice the size of the current entities, will be a strong advocate for the continued growth and advancement of biomedical innovation in California and for the members of both organizations, while continuing to offer practical programs and services to support members as they work to bring new medical advances to patients. CBI will be headquartered in California with offices in La Jolla, South San Francisco and Sacramento, as well as Washington, D.C.

By combining the services, programs and advocacy activities of both organizations, we believe we will have a stronger community that will benefit all of our members.