MicroSynbiotiX, LLC

Organization Address
8395 Camino Santa Fe, Suite E
San Diego, CA 92121

Organization Phone
(310) 341-8060


Biotech and Pharmaceutical


Organization Description

Microsynbiotix is an algal biotechnology company developing a potentially revolutionary microalgal feed that will be a vehicle for a range of vaccines for aquaculture livestock. We plan overcome the current challenges facing vaccination by genetically engineering microalgae to lock the vaccine inside the biomass. Microalgae are the basis of all aquatic food chains and are a vital component in efficient, sustainable and profitable aquaculture all over the world. Microalgae is a natural part of the fish diet, and an essential dietary element in the early development of shrimp and other finfish. The microalgal oral vaccines can be mixed with fishmeal and fed to the fish, mimicking the natural feeding process. The natural digestion process of the fish unlocks the vaccine and triggers an immune response. In addition, because the vaccine is inside the microalgae chloroplast, it is protected by a rigid cell wall and is stable in harsh environmental conditions, extending the product’s shelf life and negating the need for cold-storage. Our product is sustainable, user friendly for farmers, and cost effective.