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Nektar Therapeutics

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Rich pipeline and a number of products on the market. Using our novel and proprietary polymer conjugate approaches, suboptimal drugs can achieve optimal therapeutic properties. With our expertise as a leader in the field of PEGylation, Nektar has created a set of new platform technologies. Nektar's Advanced Polymer Conjugate Technology can be tailored in very specific and customized ways to optimize a wide range of molecule classes: Small Molecule Polymer Conjugates » Pro-drug conjugates » Large Molecule Polymer Conjugates » Antibody fragment conjugates » Nektar has a dominant and broad patent estate with its technology platform across many therapeutic areas and modalities. Learn more about the IP » Background of PEGylation Technology PEGylation has been a highly effective commercial strategy for the development of blockbuster therapeutics, such as Roche's PEGASYS® (interferon) and Amgen's Neulasta® (G-CSF). Nektar is the world leader in enabling therapeutics with PEGylation technology. Through partnerships with Nektar, the world's leading pharmaceutical companies have used Nektar PEGylation technology to enable the development of a total of seven approved products. These products generate over $7 billion a year in annual global sales for our partners. PEG (polyethylene glycol), a versatile technology, is a water soluble, amphiphilic, non-toxic, non-immunogenic compound that is safely cleared from the body. Its primary use to date in currently approved drugs is to favorably alter the pharmacokinetic properties of biologics. Early approaches to PEGylation were tremendously successful in creating blockbuster biologics but these did not fully leverage the flexibility and potential of the technology. The limitations of older PEGylation approaches used with biologics are: Sub-optimal bioavailability and bioactivity Product is altered by PEG remaining attached to parent drug Limited ability to fine-tune properties of drug Did not allow for oral administration Not applicable to small molecules, antibody fragments, and peptides With our expertise and body of knowledge in PEGylation, Nektar has advanced this technology platform to apply to a broader range of molecules and to overcome the limitations of the first generation of the technology platform. Small Molecule Polymer Conjugates Pro-Drug Conjugates Large Molecule Polymer Conjugates Antibody Fragment Conjugates

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Approved; PreClinical