Raydiant Oximetry, Inc

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1425 37th Street
Sacramento, CA 95816


Medical Device


Organization Description
Raydiant Oximetry is a medical device company developing a low-cost, external fetal pulse oximeter to keep mothers and babies safe during labor and delivery. We are specifically addressing the unnecessarily high rate of Cesaerean deliveries (CDs) in the United States. PROBLEM: Today, approximately 1/3 of the 4 million US childbirths per year are by CD. A medically appropriate CD rate, according to WHO is 15-19%. Surgical CDs are more likely to cause immediate and longterm health complications, increased healthcare costs, increases in malpractice insurance and contribute to health care disparities among women of color and low socioeconomic status. SOLUTION: The current monitors measure fetal heart rate changes as a proxy for fetal oxygenation. Unlike conventional monitoring, the novel external fetal oximetry probe developed by ROI directly measures fetal oxygen levels. Knowledge of the fetal oxygen levels could transform how obstetric providers interpret and react to fetal heart rate tracings in labor. With this technology, unnecessary CDs could be reduced for non-reassuring fetal heart rate tracings, which represent the 2nd most common reason for primary CDs.