Reimbursement 101: A Primer on Medical Device Reimbursement

6/28/2016 - 6/29/2016

Since the inception of the 401(k) in 1980, the responsibility of saving for retirement has slowly shifted from employers to the employee. Coinciding with that shift has also been a change in the workforce from baby boomers to increasing numbers of millennials. This has led to a retirement readiness crisis that affects all employees – from those employees about to retire all the way to those starting their first jobs out of college.

Join UBS’s 401(k) advisors for lunch to gain insight on how to help you meet this retirement challenge head on. Their knowledgeable team will cover important aspects of social security to help soon-to-be retirees understand how to maximize monthly benefits in addition to strategies and tactics to help put millennials on the path to retirement success.

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