Organization Address
Accounts Payable PO Box 30147
College Station, TX 77842

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(650) 228-1880



Organization Description
A diversified healthcare partner focused on patients needs At the heart of everything we do are people. Through our vaccines and medicines, we help prevent and where needed, treat those in need. As economies and societies evolve, we need healthy populations to meet the future challenges we will face. Healthcare needs have changed and will continue to do so and as an industry we have to adapt to meet these needs. To have a real impact, we have to build a sustainable business to invest in delivering innovative solutions. At the same time we need to improve access to medicines and improved healthcare. In order to move along in this ambition, we continue to push forward with our key strategic priorities: Increasing innovation in Research & Development R&D has always been and will continue to be the cornerstone of our company. The advancements in science mean that more targeted, more effective treatments are in reach and we are ready to take on this challenge. We have built a revitalized R&D organization focused on meeting unmet needs of patients and delivering truly innovative solutions. Seizing external growth opportunities The changing face of the industry, healthcare needs and scientific discovery has all led to the realization that we need to diversify and look outside at partnerships and acquisitions to grow the business. We have been successful in searching out the best science, the best companies to acquire. We have strongly reinforced our business in particular areas such as diabetes, oncology, rare diseases and consumer healthcare. We will continue to look for opportunities. Adapting the Group to future challenges The successful companies of tomorrow are those that go beyond delivering products to delivering real solutions and services. We have identified growth platforms that will drive the business - emerging markets, diabetes, vaccines, consumer healthcare, innovation products, animal health and the new Genzyme. As such, we have undergone a deep transformation including a complete restructure of R&D, expansion of our footprint in biotechnology through the acquisition of Genzyme and refocused regional operations. We never give up! As a diversified healthcare partner, we strive to protect the health, enhance the life and respond to the health needs of as many of the nearly 7 billion people in the world today. With business in over 100 countries, we have over 110,000 people committed to this goal. We have a strong culture and at the core of it all, is the fact we never give up. It is this that makes us unique and makes me proud to lead the company into the future. Christopher A. Viehbacher CEO, Sanofi

Clinical Development Stage
Approved; IND; NDA; Phase I; Phase II; Phase III; PreClinical