Technology Licensing Workshop

San Diego

9/8/2017 - 9/9/2017

8:0am - 4:30pm

UC San Diego Extension is hosting a Technology Licensing Workshop in September.

This 2 -day intensive hands on Training course will cover every aspect of technology Licensing you are required to learn to conduct a robust licensing of life sciences and software technologies. This course is for professionals who are interested to work in the area of Technology Commercialization.

During the course, we will work on following topics:

· How to protect Intellectual Property Protection in relation to Commercialization
Decision making on Publishing Research vs Patent filing.
· Decision making on licensing vs Start-up?
· Evaluate early disclosures in groups, write non-confidential summary for marketing purposes, best marketing approach.
· Negotiate a license in small teams and generate a Term-Sheet.
· Drafting agreements in small teams (Non-disclosure agreement, Inter-institutional agreement, Material transfer agreement, Exclusive and Non-Exclusive agreement, Industry Sponsored Research
· Conducting Due diligence exercises on monitoring and maintaining of licensing agreements (in small groups)

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