Webinar on HIPAA Hot Topics and Current Trends



10:00am - 11:00am

Training Options Duration: 60 Minutes
Wednesday, April 12, 2017 | 10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EST

Overview: This timely presentation delivers an update of the most important healthcare privacy and security rule / guidance regulatory changes, including but not limited to, HIPAA. The session also covers some evolving best practices that address these rule changes. The presentation is intended to impart a large volume of information about the rapidly changing regulatory privacy and security environment in a relatively short timeframe with comprehensive slide content useable by attendees after the presentation as they adopt and train others on these subjects. Mr. McLendon is well known for condensing and simplifying the complex presentation content into easily learnable points with his signature delivery style.

Topics such as patient’s right of access and how attorneys are using newly clarified guidance to their advantage, along with any new information about the OCR phase 2 audit program will be highlighted, but not dominate the presentation. Other topics such as January’s SAMHSA final rule, the Cures Act, the Federal Trade Commission’s actions and various security issues such as mobile devices, phishing and ransomware are constantly being revised by Mr. McLendon and may be discussed. The slides themselves will be selected from a larger master set Mr. McLendon maintains to reflect the timing and audience of the presentation. This master set of slides constantly undergoes updates as the rules and guidance changes. Any really ‘HOT’ topics that arise after handout submission, as is typical within the fast changing nature of healthcare privacy and security, will be covered with new slides that are also discussed with an updated slide deck for these additions to be offered to the attendees after the session. For example, OCR has several rules including penalty splitting and Accounting of Disclosures that might drop at any time, if they are released prior to the seminar they will be addressed within its content.

Mr. McLendon works with many successful privacy and security professionals, including attorneys, on the topics of healthcare regulatory privacy and security which allows him rapid access to the deluge of information that is now typical, as new pressures on privacy and security compliance is being applied in an ever increasing manner as increasingly records become electronic and health information exchange expands.

Why should you Attend:

The latest HIPAA privacy and security rules and guidance issued by Office for Civil Rights
Best practices that have are being used to operationally manage privacy and security compliance in light of recent changes
Up to date information, in summary form, about the OCR Phase 2 audit program, including useful tools created by Mr.McLendon for use in audit learning and preparation
Recent examples of privacy, security and breach hot cases, used to illustrate enforcement focus
How other regulators and parties are issuing new rules and guidance concerning privacy and security

Areas Covered in the Session:
Recap of the recent OCR guidance and their important topics and areas of focus
Summary of the progress so far with the 2016 OCR audit programg
A few details about the OCR audit protocols themselves
Other regulators rules and guidance,SAMSHA,FTC, Cures Act
Hot security topics such as ransomware,social media and engineering, hacking, mobile devices
Privacy and Security Risk Analysis

Who Will Benefit:
Privacy Officers
Security Officers
Compliance Officers
HIM Managers
Practice / Medical Office Managers
General Counsel
HR staff involved in compliance education
Physicians (if in one of the roles above for their practice)

Speaker Profile
Kelly McLendon RHIA, CHPS (credentialed in medical records management and healthcare privacy and security) has been involved in HIM since the beginning and his 36-year career spans nearly the entire realm of HIM. His expert knowledge comes from working on many sides of HIM, including management, vendor and consultant roles. Throughout his career, he has worked with both AHIMA and FHIMA (Florida) in various positions ranging from FHIMA Director to the Chair of numerous committees and workgroups. These include serving as an expert for AHIMA on Legal Health Records, Meaningful Use and the Privacy and Security Practice Council. Kelly’s accolades include a Triumph Visionary award and two Literary Awards from AHIMA, the Distinguished Member and Literary Awards for FHIMA.

Kelly is a nationally sought after speaker, performing dozens of engagements annually on a wide range of subjects including privacy, security, legal health records, meaningful use, CDI and the ICD-10 coding transition.

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