Whole Biome, Inc.

Organization Address
953 Indiana Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Organization Phone
(617) 669-9035



Organization Description
Whole Biome is focused on enabling better patient care through a comprehensive understanding and proper maintenance of human microbiomes, the trillions of bacteria that live within our bodies. Their proprietary test, the Complete Biome Testâ„¢, allows physicians, researchers and biopharmaceutical companies to rapidly discover novel diagnostic tools and to develop targeted therapeutics for their specific area of interest. Whole Biome has partnered with a number of top-tier medical institutions, including the Mayo Clinic, Mt. Sinai, Harvard, and UCSF to develop diagnostics in the areas of pre-term labor, chronic-fatigue syndrome (CFS), drug metabolism and diabetic foot ulcers, respectively. By building the most comprehensive and accurate microbiome profiling platform, Whole Biome will deliver actionable information to clinicians to improve patient outcomes in a variety of therapeutic areas.

Clinical Development Stage