13th Annual Cell Line Development & Engineering

San Diego, CA


8:00am - 5:00pm

The 13th Annual Cell Line Development & Engineering, taking place in San Diego, June 5-7 continues to be the event trusted by industry and academia alike to deliver new data on the latest breaking applications of technical and scientific innovations in cell line development.

Gain first-hand knowledge from renowned academics and industry visionaries on their latest breakthroughs and learn how to:
• Implement new high-throughput technologies and processes for faster, more efficient cell line development
• Successfully apply genome editing technologies such as CRISPR in host cell engineering
• Understand the implications of the CRISPR USPTO Interference Proceeding decision and the consequences for industry and academic teams
• Verify your approaches for demonstrating acceptable clonal derivation
• Identify new opportunities for improving product quality and titers
• Better predict desirable cell line characteristics and bioprocessing productivity earlier in cell line selection
Use three days of scientific content and over 10 hours of dedicated networking to:
• Benchmark against industry peers as they share their strategies, off-the-record advice and insights
• Hear 34 presentations, five keynotes, 26 new / unpublished data talks and 16 case studies from across cell line development
• Discover new technologies, service offerings, potential partners, academic collaborators and young talent

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Contact: Frances Pratt
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1404 Vacation Road
San Diego, CA 92109