2015 Sacramento Legislative Wrap-Up: 12 CLSA-Supported Bills Signed by Gov. Brown

Oct. 13, 2015

The California Legislature wrapped up the 2014-2015 legislative session on Friday, Sept. 11. Our state legislative committee (SLC) and Sacramento policy and advocacy teams tracked more than 70 bills, took positions on 40 bills, and were active on some of the most high profile and contentious legislation moving this year. CLSA also engaged in numerous regulatory and budgetary efforts important to the industry. Below are the highlights from this year’s legislative session.

Major bills signed by the Governor include: SB 671, this year’s biosimilar legislation, which enables biosimilars to be substituted for a biologic by a pharmacist after consulting with the patient’s physician, and AB 444 which extends the deadline for complying with the state’s epidural connector statute. These were major successes for CLSA members and the broader life sciences innovation ecosystem.

CLSA was a part of a robust coalition to defeat AB 463, an effort led by health insurance companies to impose detailed “pricing” disclosure requirements on our members. Such arbitrary disclosures would have included all costs related to the development, production and marketing of their products. Additionally, CLSA took the lead in preventing the advancement of hostile extended producer responsibility (EPR) legislation that would have imposed a state mandated drug takeback program, AB 1159. Overcoming continued efforts on drug pricing issues, and protecting pharmaceuticals and sharps as well as supporting legislation that promotes patient access to our members’ products, will be top priorities next year.

Unfortunately, AB 437, Speaker Atkin’s bill that provides tax credits for small businesses was vetoed this year. This was incredibly disappointing for life sciences companies, especially our mid-size life sciences member companies engaged in research and development. CLSA continues to be deeply committed to legislation that creates opportunities for CLSA members that enables them to innovate and create breakthrough medicines and technologies for patients.

While AB 888, which bans all solid polymer materials in personal care products (i.e. microbeads) was signed into law, CLSA was part of a broad effort that significantly amended the bill to incorporate language allowing for future biodegradable materials to be included and acknowledging international standards that would not impede on innovation.

CLSA participated and reported on this year’s budgetary negotiations and the still pending Extraordinary Session on Healthcare, called by the Governor, to address an estimated $1.4 billion shortfall in the funding of the Medi-Cal program.

Overall, CLSA had an extremely successful 2015 legislative year. Of the 34 bills CLSA supported, 12 have been signed by the Governor, five have been vetoed, 14 are still active as two-year bills*, and only three failed to reach the Governor’s desk (one of which was the controversial and still unresolved effort to increase Medi-Cal provider reimbursement rates). Of the six bills CLSA opposed, only one made it to the Governor, and the others were defeated or are two year* bills.

Please see below for a summary of outcomes on all legislation on which CLSA engaged this year.

For questions, please contact Oliver Rocroi, CLSA’s Senior Director of State Government Relations  (

Legislation: 2015 Bills
CLSA State Legislative Committee
October 12, 2015


Signed into Law

AB 374 (Nazarian) Health Care Coverage: Prescription Drugs
AB 444 (Gipson) Health Facilities: Epidural Connectors
ACR 17 (Chang) Women and Girls in STEM Week
ACR 29 (Frazier) Donate Life California Day: driver’s license
AJR 9 (Chang) Patent Reform
HR 6 (Achadjian) Relative to Rare Disease Day
SB 137 (Hernandez) Health Care Coverage: Provider Directories
SB 277 (Pan) Public Health: Vaccinations
SB 282 (Hernandez) Health Care Coverage: Prescription Drugs
SB 671 (Hill) Pharmacy: Biological Product
SB 675 (Liu) Health facilities: Family Caregivers
SCR 19 (Nguyen) Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Day


AB 68 (Waldron) Medi-Cal
AB 437 (Atkins) R&D: Small Business Grant Program
AB 706 (Bonilla) California Volunteers
AB 1060 (Bonilla) Cancer Clinical Trials
AB 1162 (Holden) Medi-Cal: Tobacco Cessation

2 Year Bills*

AB 45 (Mullin) Household Hazardous Waste
AB 73 (Waldron) Prescriber Prevails Act
AB 252 (Holden) STEM Curriculum
AB 270 (Nazarian) Specialized License Plates: Diabetes Awareness
AB 366 (Bonta) Medi-Cal Reimbursement: Provider Rates
AB 383 (Gipson) Public Health: Hepatitis C
AB 572 (Gaines) California Diabetes Program
AB 623 (Wood) Abuse-deterrent Opiod Analgesic Drug Products
AB 631 (Bonilla) School Finance: Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards
AB 845 (Cooley) Healthcare Coverage: Vision Care
AB 859 (Medina) Medi-Cal: Obesity Treatment Plans
AB 1117 (Garcia) Medi-Cal: Vaccination Rates
AB 1219 (Baker) CA Cancer Task Force
SB 289 (Mitchell) Telephonic and Electronic Patient Management Services

Bills that Failed

SB 115 (Fuller) Valley FeverAB 544 (Mullin) Income Taxes: Credits: Research Activities
SB 243 (Hernandez) Medi-Cal Reimbursement: Provider Rates 


Signed Bills

AB 888 (Bloom) Waste Management: Plastic Microbeads 

2 Year Bills*

AB 170 (Gatto) Newborn Screen: Genetic Diseases: Blood Samples Collected
AB 463 (Chiu) Pharmaceutical Cost Transparency Act of 2015
AB 789 (Calderon) Nonresident Contact Lens Sellers
AB 1159 (Gordon) Household Batteries and Home Generated Sharps Waste

Bills that Failed

SB 684 (Hancock) Corporation Taxes: Tax Rates: Publicly Held Corporations 


Signed Bills

AB 339 (Gordon) Health Care Coverage: Outpatient Prescription Drugs
AB 1124 (Perea) Worker’s Compensation: Prescription Medication Formulary

*2 Year Bill: A bill that is “dead,” “stalled,” “held” or simply “not moved” by the author in the first year of a two-year session and cannot be heard again until the second year of the session.