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A Conversation with Tom Kutrubes from Peak Serum


This month, CLSA would like to introduce you to one of our newest members, Peak Serum. We were able to catch up with their President & CEO, Tom Kutrubes.

  1. What is your role at Peak Serum?

psI am the founder and President/CEO of Peak Serum Inc.  It is my responsibility and pleasure to oversee the daily operations and focus on the direction / growth of the company.  I have a passion for building relationships and more importantly friendships in our global research community.  I enjoy direct interaction with each and every one of our clients as we are very grateful for their growing support and business.  Without them, we would not be here.

  1. How did Peak Serum launch, and what are you most proud of today?

Peak Serum is a new life sciences company with core focus on high quality Fetal Bovine Serum ( FBS ) used in cGMP / Clinical Trial and diagnostic research settings.

With over 12 years of experience in the word of the FBS industry, specifically the production, business development, marketing and global sales, I noticed a flaw in the industry – a serious lack of focus on personal relationships.  I set out to develop a unique approach to supplying customers by offering the vast knowledge I have gathered, one that will introduce a new standard that I believe the industry will support.

Our vision is to offer a buying experience that our competition simply does not have by focusing on one product line and consider ourselves experts in this field.  Peak Serum is delighted to offer a specialized buying experience that focuses on the customer and their individual needs.  We are extremely proud of our solutions based approach and dedication to our service beyond the sale.

  1. Tell me one thing about your company or products that most people wouldn’t know.

We offer a full product line of Heat Inactivated, Irradiated, Charcoal Stripped and low IgG FBS.  We will also look to diversify our product line in the next 12 months to include other essential laboratory supplies to pair with our FBS make Peak Serum a one-stop-shop.  As always, feedback is very welcome to ensure customer satisfaction, email:

  1. What do you hear from customers about your products?

We are truly grateful for our customers who chose to consider and try our FBS.  Naturally, being a new brand in the industry there are obstacles to overcome when gaining market share.  We have been very fortunate to establish Peak Serum and increase our brand recognition globally.  We let our product quality speak for itself, focus on our customer service and do our very best to offer stable and competitive pricing.

We have received exceptional positive feedback and many have been very pleased when comparing our products with the larger corporate competitors.  We have a number of testimonials and this list increases each day:

Learn more about Peak Serum on their website, or call toll-free at 844-395-5078.

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