About Us

About Us

About California Life Sciences Association (CLSA)

California Life Sciences Association (CLSA) is the state’s largest and most influential life sciences advocacy and business leadership organization. With offices in Sacramento, San Diego, South San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington DC, CLSA works closely with industry, government, academia and others to shape public policy, improve access to innovative technologies and grow California’s life sciences economy. CLSA serves biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics companies, research universities and institutes, investors and service providers throughout the Golden State. CLSA was founded in 2015 when the Bay Area Bioscience Association (BayBio) and the California Healthcare Institute (CHI) merged.

Our Mission

California Life Sciences Association (CLSA) advances California’s world-leading life sciences innovation ecosystem by advocating for effective national, state and local public policies and supporting entrepreneurs and life sciences businesses.

CLSA brings together California’s rich history and culture of innovation and success that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world.

CLSA’s members are comprised of the scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs and leaders that have made California the largest, most innovative and productive life sciences ecosystem in the world. Our state continues to lead the world in life sciences patents, new start-ups, venture capital, and NIH grant recipients. California is the home of firsts for the life sciences industry –the first biotech public offering, the first companion diagnostic company, the first one-pill and once-a-day product to treat HIV/AIDS, the first FDA-approved transcatheter aortic valve implantation device, the first ingestible sensor for medication adherence, and pioneering gene editing techniques – just to name a few. California’s life sciences clusters now include 3,040 companies, direct and indirectly employ 884,200 people, and generate $147.7 Billion in revenue. CLSA is the custodian of the California clusters, cultivating the industry as a whole and facilitating a sustained pattern of firsts that continues to set our state apart from the rest of the world.

Strength in Numbers, Scope and Reach

CLSA members represent the diverse organizations required to support a productive and innovative life science cluster. These organizations range from some of the world’s most promising entrepreneurial start-ups to the top global life science companies, as well as leading research institutions and the industry’s most seasoned investors.

In addition to diversity in size, our members also represent the full spectrum of life sciences, including: biotechnology, medical device and diagnostic companies that are advancing medicine; digital health innovators blending technology and medicine to transform healthcare; agricultural companies improving food outputs; and bioindustrial organizations energizing the world.

A magnet for domestic and foreign delegations, California attracts national and international leaders seeking to replicate the cluster’s unique ecosystem. As such, CLSA acts as a global gateway for its members and serves as the bridge that connects national and international partnering and capital opportunities to California.

California Life Sciences Institute

California Life Sciences Institute

CLSA maintains California’s leadership in life science innovation by supporting entrepreneurship, education, and career development through the California Life Sciences Institute.