Become an Advocate

Your Voice is Essential to Protect Life Sciences Research, Investment and Innovation in California.


Policymakers in Sacramento, Washington DC and throughout California regularly address issues that can bolster – or hinder – our state’s life sciences innovation ecosystem.Regulatory policies. Tax policies. Coverage and payment policies. Intellectual property policies. Research funding. STEM education. And more.

California Life Sciences Association directly and regularly engages federal, state and local policymakers as the advocate for California’s statewide life sciences sector. As the individuals working day in and day out to drive and advance innovation, your voice can make all the difference.


Become an Advocate to Protect Life Sciences Innovation

Add your voice and ensure policymakers listen and learn how to protect and promote the environment for life sciences research, investment and innovation in our state.

It’s Simple, Quick and Easy

CLSA will provide you with the information and materials you need to deliver your message, including talking points and sample letters.

Stay Informed

CLSA will keep you up to date on the latest and most important issues affecting the life sciences sector – affecting you and your business – as they occur in Sacramento, in Congress and across our state.