Speaker Biography

Alan Rosenberg, MD

Dr. ReosenbergAlan Rosenberg, MD
Vice President, Medical and Clinical Pharmacy Policy, Anthem, Inc.

Alan Rosenberg is Vice President of Medical and Clinical Pharmacy Policy for Anthem, Inc. and President of its subsidiary Anthem UM Services, Inc. Dr. Rosenberg leads Anthem’s processes for evaluating and determining its medical and pharmacy policies. He received a BA from Columbia University and MD from New York University, completing his residency at the University of Chicago Michael Reese Hospital, and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine. He is a member of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Medical Policy Panel, and America’s Health Insurance Plan’s CMO Committee. He serves as Vice Chairman of the URAC Board and serves on the National Headache Foundation Board. He also serves on PCORI’s advisory panel on Prevention Diagnosis and Treatment and on advisory boards for University of California, San Francisco Translating Personalized Medicine program, The Center for Medical Technology Policy, and Green Park Collaborative, USA. He also served on the Agency for Health Research and Quality’s Effective Health Care Program Stakeholder Group.