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Announcing the First MobCon Digital Health Speakers

Kyra Davis, Director of Academic, Government and Accelerator Relations for LaunchPad Central and Russ Lawrence, Product Director, Data Enablement and Analytics for Optum will be among the speakers at MobCon Digital Health September 7. Joining them onstage will be a representative from athenahealth.

LaunchPad Central provides a software platform to help leading healthcare organizations realize continuous improvement. Meanwhile, Optum combines data, analytics and technology to manage healthcare.

Are new ways to measure and sense enough? How must our attitude around quality of life, quality of care and how we manage chronic illness shift? What m- and eHealth tools can help us facilitate this? When has the implementation and adoption of digital health technologies fallen short? MobCon Digital Health programming will explore through the lens of five themes.

The future of digital health + eye on entrepreneurism

The future of digital health, one of the five featured themes at MobCon Digital Health San Francisco, is about connecting the dots. Disparate solutions in telemedicine and intelligent diagnostic support tools among others inspire excitement. But they won’t move the dial. Integration will. Why? Cost is the elephant in the room. Only when digital health solutions don’t add incremental costs but instead driven them down — will the most forward-thinking solutions be adopted by enterprise organizations and health systems on a large scale.

MobCon Digital Health San Francisco will host a startup showcase designed to spotlight the entrepreneurs realizing them. The showcase will run throughout the day giving startups access to healthcare leadership.

MobCon through the year

Leading up to the fall conference. MobCon Digital Health is holding a series of full and half day events across the country to inform industry and business leaders as they consider options to manage some of healthcare’s most pressing issues including patient empowerment, care customization and EMR.

This month CLSA President Sara Radcliffe will travel to Minnesota to participate in the Minneapolis installment of MobCon Digital Health held April 26. She will speak on a healthcare state-of-the-state panel exploring how regional markets are helping to define the direction of national healthcare progress. She will be joined by Christopher Rand, representing Life Science Tennessee, and Tom Sommer, President of the Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council (MassMEDIC). The panel will be moderated by Shaye Mandle, President of Minnesota’s Medical Alley Association.

Hear innovation centers and businesses share the latest healthcare trends, acceleration tactics and implementation strategies at MobCon Digital Health. Save $100 when you register before July 27.