APEC SME Leaders in Ethics and Integrity Program (LEIP)



9:00am - 11:00am

Join the Business Ethics for APEC SMEs Initiative, the world’s largest public-private partnership to strengthen ethical business practices in the biopharmaceutical sector for the inaugural APEC SME Leaders in Ethics and Integrity Program (LEIP). LEIP is created to be a force multiplier for leaders (CEOs / GMs) of small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) in promoting and enhancing a culture of integrity within their company by providing resources, best practices, and a valued network to share experiences and lessons learned, strengthening ethics across the industry.

Using a “tone-at-the-top” approach to set corporate culture, the mission of LEIP supports the integration of the APEC Mexico City Principles into the daily business practices of every SME that develops, manufactures, markets, or distributes any pharmaceutical and/or biologic product. The APEC Mexico City Principles constitute high standard ethical business practices welcomed by APEC member governments, including the United States.

SME leaders participating in LEIP can anticipate the following benefits:

Recognition by APEC your company has completed the program
Engage with peer SME CEOs and leaders as well as leaders of major biopharmaceutical companies through the LEIP Network
Logo rights benefits
Access to resources for executives, managers, and employees

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