Bay Area Update: CLSA Works to Improve Commuting Options for Life Sciences Company Employees

April 20, 2017

CLSA member companies have noted with growing urgency that transportation issues are a top concern for business. Many are concerned that their employees spend too much time in traffic. The ability to recruit and retain quality employees is made harder when experiencing long commutes and traffic jams. CLSA has taken the lead in working with many local and regional transportation collaborations to give voice to our industry’s perspective and seek solutions for our companies.

In South San Francisco, CLSA has banded together with member companies to develop commuting options for employees. As the life science community east of Highway 101 in South San Francisco continues to grow in population with new and expanded development, companies are seeking solutions. For employees seeking alternatives to long drives, the access to public transportation options like Caltrain, BART, or bus services has been limited. The distance between most of these public transportation stations and the office is what is called in transportation lingo as ‘the last mile’ and in SSF it is often impenetrable without an additional ride. While a private shuttle system exists in San Mateo County, there have been many impediments to its success.

CLSA continues working closely with City Hall to find new possibilities for our community. One of the latest commuting options is the establishment of a new carpooling app named Scoop. Scoop works in localities to provide a coordinated ride service for employees from work to home. It’s different from taxis or Uber/Lyft in that it is used only by fellow residents/employees of the area and the costs are lessened through government and private sponsorship. The City of South San Francisco recently put forward $50,000 to establish the project in SSF. Several other cities on the peninsula and in the Bay Area have invested similarly. More information about this option can be found at

CLSA will continue to advocate for solutions to transportation gridlock to assist our sectors employees. For further information or questions on your company’s transportation concerns, contact Reese Isbell, CLSA’s Director, Local Government & Community Relations (