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Better Benefits for Lower Rates: Can You Win the Talent War with the CLSA Benefits Trust?

The war for talent isn’t slowing down.

The life sciences sector continues to be one of California’s leading employers, creating jobs for over 360,000 people.  According to the California Life Sciences Institute’s 2018 Workforce Trends Report, 88% of life sciences companies anticipate expanding their employee headcount across major functional areas during the next 12 months – particularly in R&D, Quality, and Regulatory Affairs and Compliance.  Life sciences employers are now competing with the tech sector for talent, and unemployment rates are dropping by the day.  It’s a volatile and highly competitive market – so what are you doing to even the odds?

Be a part of something bigger.

CLSA knows that being able to attract and retain high-quality talent in a competitive market is critical to the innovation, growth and success of your organization.  Offering a truly competitive benefits package while improving the bottom line can be a game changer.

What if you could bring your executive team:

  • Comprehensive, improved options for medical, dental, voluntary, vision, life and disability plans customized to your employees’ needs;
  • Lower costs – up to $1900 per employee; and
  • Dedicated support and a benefits platform that reduces your team’s administrative burden?

Explore what the Trust can do for you.

The CLSA Benefits Advantage Trust provides better benefits at a lower cost.  It has what your employees – current and future – want, and it does the work for you.  CLSA Membership gives your organization access to large-group purchasing power, preferential rates, and access to options that most small or mid-size companies never see.  And the ease of administration gives your team time to focus on other strategic talent initiatives.

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