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The BIO International Convention is Coming to San Diego in June – Tips, Tricks and How to Maximize Your Time at #BIO2017

 By Eric Tulin & Amy Conrad
Science buffs, biotechnology advisors and San Diego aficionados


4,000+ attending companies
1,800+ exhibiting companies
2,500 CEOs
16,000+ attendees from 76 countries

BIO is a BIG Opportunity to Tell Your Story

If you are attending or exhibiting and networking with potential buyers, investors, partners, employers and talent, your web and social presence, presentation materials, positioning, messaging and content will receive greater scrutiny and visibility around #BIO2017 than probably at any other time of the year. Now is the time to review your outward-facing materials to make sure they accurately reflect the milestones and progress your company has achieved and are in precise alignment with your strategic objectives for the future.

Update Your Front Door – Make the Best First Impression with a Refreshed Web Site

Your website is often your first and last chance to make a good impression. Too often companies set it and forget it when it comes to their web content. The people you seek to engage and influence at #BIO2017 will most certainly be taking a look as they do their diligence on how to spend their limited time. We recommend reviewing your copy and graphic content to make sure it reflects precisely what you want to communicate. Perhaps some new copy that communicates your new positioning and progress? An infographic, animation or video to better explain your science, MOA or business benefits? Now is the time to recalibrate your content.

Begin Your Social Drumbeat Well Before You Arrive and Plan Ahead

Utilize Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to post about the conference, your attendance and participation as well as your company messaging using #BIO2017. Put a social media content calendar together in advance and automate the posts so that there is a steady drumbeat of engagement with your audience. Be proactive to post additional relevant content pre, post and during the event.

Make Sure Your Website Is Working Effectively on Mobile and Tablets

Everyone is mobile and on the run at #BIO2017. Your web site must be dynamic to properly portray your content on phones and tablets. Loading times should be fast, links unbroken and video should play properly. Time to take a close look at your site and make sure you’re using the latest, best practices in your programming and platforms.

Think About Additional SEO Focused on Relevant Themes of #BIO2017

If you take a look at the #BIO2017 agenda, Super and Breakout Sessions, Fireside Chats and Company Presentations, you may find key themes that are relevant to your message and company brand. As your potential targets and audiences may be seeking additional information through search channels on these topics, consider adding keywords for these themes as part of your SEO strategy. Also consider Google Remarketing and other paid methods to increase your reach and visibility.

Press will be Inundated with News – Rise Above the Noise

The press at #BIO2017 will most likely be overwhelmed trying to cover all the news being released at and around the conference.  To rise above the noise, concentrate on one big idea or theme to release and be thoughtful about the way you disseminate the information.  Use your personal relationships with key journalists to position the news ahead of time, ensuring they understand why your news is so important and why its worthy of coverage.  Additionally, it’s a huge bonus if your news happens to fall into one of the key themes of BIO, which should garner attention from the press, despite their hectic schedules.

Assure Your Connections Remember You Before They Forget You

Make sure to follow up promptly with your leads and contacts. We all often quickly move on to the next thing and the mass of business cards and meetings become a blur. A quick reminder of your chat or discussion immediately following #BIO2017 may get you to your next objective. Every personal connection is a terrible thing to waste. Why did you come to #BIO2017 in the first place?

Get Out of the Hotel & Convention Center and Enjoy All That San Diego has to Offer

We live here, we work here and we love it here.  Enjoying all that San Diego has to offer – a beautiful downtown skyline trimmed with the breathtaking marina, countless beaches, microbreweries on every corner, some of the best farm-to-table eateries in the country – it can be a great adventure with the new connections that you made at #BIO2017.  Members of the San Diego biotech community (like us) are more than happy to provide inside baseball tips on what to do outside of the venue and how to maximize your new connections and explore America’s Finest City! Come see us at the California Pavilion!

About the authors:

Eric Tulin, Chief Strategy & Content Officer at Alden Marketing Communications – – a marketing firm with more than three decades of Life Science experience, working with both early stage and public Life Science companies. Mr. Tulin has developed strategic planning, positioning and messaging to put a face on the facts for leading Life Science, Biotech and Medical Device companies as well as the production of web and social content, videos and animation.

Amy Conrad, founder and CEO of Juniper Point – – a strategic advisory firm, is an experienced Wall Street-facing leader with a passion for growing biotechnology companies. Over the last decade, Ms. Conrad has been responsible for creating significant value for biotechnology companies through strategic investor relations, corporate communications and media planning, fostering deep relationships with market-moving analysts, key bankers and institutional investors, and playing a key role in raising capital.

TAKE NOTE: Eric and Amy are the co-hosts of BioTech Beach, a first-of-its kind podcast on the waves that are shaping the San Diego Life Science ecosystem. Coming soon to your computer, phone or tablet.