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Bio-Link Depot’s Grand Opening in Oakland

Donate Tax-Deductible Scientific Equipment and Supplies

Bio-Link Depot celebrated the Grand Opening of its new Oakland, California location last month with record numbers of educators and researchers in attendance.  Since 2002, the Bio-Link Depot has connected educators and researchers with needed science supplies and equipment through its clearinghouse of biotech industry donations.

Because of the increasing demand for equipment and supplies from Bay Area teachers, the Depot is running low on donations from industry. Companies can make tax deductible donations of equipment, supplies and consumables – giving them a new life in cash-poor classrooms – through the Bio-Link Depot. The Depot accepts high-quality equipment and supplies from donating entities and makes them available to over 300 educators and researchers serving approximately 100,000 students in California high schools, community colleges, and universities.

As technology companies (pharmaceutical, bio-tech, etc.)  restructure, move, or upgrade their equipment and supplies, the Depot is an alternative to equipment re-sellers, auctions, or landfills. Donors can arrange with Depot personnel to have their items picked up regardless of size or quantity. The Depot ensures that the Donor’s contributions are known to the recipients and thanks contributing companies on its website:

Please consider donating scientific equipment and supplies now to give those unneeded items a new life in schools.

To make a donation or learn more about the Depot and its upcoming events, contact Daniel Michael at: 510.686.3411, or go to the Depot website’s donation page: