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BioBasics: Biotech for the Non-Scientist

BioBasics‚Ñ¢ is a two-day, intensive course developed and taught by BioTech Primer.  Starting with a review of fundamental scientific concepts, industry experts explain the basics required for understanding how biotechnology healthcare products work. Building on this scientific knowledge through lecture, discussion and hands-on labs, the course explores various therapeutic approaches, including monoclonal antibodies, stem cells, gene therapy, and RNA therapy, for different disease indications. Stratified medicine, biologics manufacturing, and next-generation sequencing applications are also discussed. The course culminates in an overview of the drug discovery and development process, enabling participants to understand how different organizations interact to bring a drug to market. Develop a working knowledge of the science/ technology, and learn how business/ regulatory decisions impact the biotechnology healthcare industry. BioBasics‚Ñ¢ enables more effective communication with colleagues and stakeholders.

  • Achieve greater scientific literacy
  • Converse more effectively with industry clients, partners, colleagues and scientists
  • Understand how different entities interact within the industry to get a product to market
  • Learn how business and regulatory decisions impact product selection and production
  • Discover how innovative technologies work scientifically

BioBasics Agenda


BioBasics: Biotech for the Non-Scientist


March 13-14, 2014
9:00 am—4:30 pm


Morrison & Foerster LLP
755 Page Mill Rd
Palo Alto CA 94304-1018


$ 995 | $ 895 (BayBio)

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Questions or more information: Heather Bergan 410.377.4429 ext 33;

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BioTech Primer Inc. provides professionals with a thorough understanding of the science, business and regulatory processes fundamental to the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Diagnostics industries.  For more information about our customized in-house classes please visit us at