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BioBlocks adds Leap-to-Lead™ platform to its Drug Discovery arsenal

BioBlocksAfter 10 years of developing leads for clients at BioBlocks, we have created the Leap-to-Lead™ platform to offer improved Lead Discovery outcomes. The platform includes the following three components:

  • Tools for property based optimization
  • Comprehensive Fragment Library: BioBlocks’ proprietary next generation 3D fragment library
  • Syntheverse™: Reaction-based access to currently synthesizable compounds

This technology enables our partners to advance their drug discovery programs by providing the following benefits:

  • Gain a head start on IP by accessing novel, 3D structures
  • Practice the art of the possible: discover a lead in the synthetically accessible universe of compounds
  • Revisit patent strategy by replacing common building blocks with new sizes and shapes

BioBlocks is currently seeking collaborations that can take advantage of the platforms’ lead generation potential. Please visit the technology page on our website to see our current successes.

Leap-to-Lead™ Platform

BioBlocks provides medicinal chemistry services, technology and products to help our pharmaceutical customers accelerate their drug discovery programs. We unite our medicinal chemistry expertise, a cutting edge proprietary fragment library and the comprehensive search capability of our Syntheverse™ chemistry space to empower our clients to generate high quality clinical candidates with favorable pharmaceutical properties and IP positions. BioBlocks is a US company maintaining offices and laboratories in San Diego, California and Budapest, Hungary.