Biotech Workshop: Rigor and Reproducibility

Berkeley, CA


6:00pm - 8:00pm

Join us for a Reproducibility workshop at Bonneville Labs in Berkeley.

Rigor and reproducibility are at the core of modern science and biotech. Several new initiatives, startups, and curricula have been established to address barriers to reproducibility. While commendable in their goals, these projects have led to a proliferation of online tools and resources which can be hard to sift through.

This workshop will provide you with valuable information about tools to increase reproducibility in various biotech fields.

6:00 PM Doors Open & Networking
6:15 PM Workshop
7:15 PM Break
7:30 PM Q&A
8:00 PM End

Reproducibility Workshop Goals
The goal for the workshop is to provide you with a starting point to make your work more rigor. The workshop will help you develop best practices that will accelerate your research and make it easier for you, your collaborators, and team to use the results of your work in future work.

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Contact: Melinda Yu
Contact Phone: 510-256-7158
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Event Address:

Bonneville Labs
626 Bancroft Way, STE A
Berkeley, CA 94710