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Breaking Bad with NSCLC & SCLC

Original article featured on BioTech Primer WEEKLY


The hit TV series Breaking Bad features anti-hero Walter White, who starts out as a sympathetic character: a mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher with a nagging cough that turns out to be lung cancer. Money problems precipitated by costly treatments, poor insurance, and a modest salary push him to start cooking up meth to ensure the financial security of his family. Spoiler alert: The treatments succeed beyond his expectations, restoring his health long enough for him to become an unexpected meth kingpin.

Breaking Bad is a fictionally extreme example of the chaos that can arise from a lung cancer diagnosis. In fact, lung cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths in the United States. Today’s WEEKLY will give you an update on the causes, types of lung cancer, and the latest treatments in the clinic and in the marketplace.

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