CLSA Launches ‘Faces of California Biomedical Innovation’ Campaign to Highlight Impact of Life Sciences Treatments

New Digital Ad Campaign to Elevate Patient Voices through Video Testimonial Series, New ‘Protect Access and Innovation’ Web Hub and Advocacy Launchpad

On behalf of California Life Sciences Association (CLSA), your trade association representing California’s life sciences industry, I’m proud to announce the launch of “Faces of California Biomedical Innovation,” a digital campaign to elevate and amplify California patient voices and showcase the impact of innovative cures and treatments developed by our members in the California life sciences sector.

CLSA members know firsthand that the real value of the life sciences industry is the positive impact of innovative treatments on the people who benefit from them every day. To help tell that story, CLSA has been hard at work developing this series to spotlight the countless ways that the California biomedical industry is helping improve and save lives in California and around the world.


New Website & Advocacy LaunchpadAs part of the campaign, CLSA is launching a new website and advocacy hub,, that provides visitors with resources, shareable infographics, petitions and news about California’s biomedical innovation economy; a series of patient testimonial videos; and a new digital ad campaign to elevate the patient voices of Californians across the state.

Faces of California Biomedical Innovation

Meet the Californians most impacted and learn about why a campaign focused on patient voices is critical to protecting access to innovative solutions in the biomedical sector: Faces of California Biomedical Innovation.” All first-person patient testimonials urge California legislators in Congress and Sacramento to safeguard life-saving innovation. Read press release.

  • Jeff Finerman, who was diagnosed with advanced stage prostate cancer when he was 62 years old. Thanks to biomedical treatments researched and developed in California, Jeff has been able to see his twin daughters graduate high school and excel in college. As he and his wife Karen look forward to their graduation, he has been able to live a healthier, fuller life. Jeff says: “You can’t put a value on curing someone from potential death.” Click here to watch Jeff’s full story.
  • Evaleen Minez Harris, a Bay Area resident and mother of two, who was diagnosed with peripartum cardiomyopathy shortly after the birth of her twins. She was rushed into surgery and had the HeartMate 3TM left ventricular assist device (LVAD) implanted. This medical device is currently saving her life while she waits for a heart transplant. Watch Evaleen’s full story here.

CLSA’s new digital campaign and the patients featured are resources for advocates and impactful messages to policymakers in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. By empowering patients to tell their own stories, and promoting these videos to legislators, and their staff, we wish to convey the importance of protecting the California innovation economy and the life-saving treatments it produces, and avoiding policies that will harm this ecosystem. We hope that this series will inspire others to share their stories. WATCH NOW!

Visit the newly launched website at to view the digital campaign, member resources and ways to get involved. Additional patient stories will be introduced throughout the year focusing on advancements in biomedical innovation from California companies. Californians can join the conversation by using #FacesofCABiomedicalInnovation and #CuredInCA or signing up here to share their stories.

Sara Radcliffe
President & CEO
California Life Sciences Association (CLSA)

PS – Are you a CLSA member or patient interested in sharing a story or getting involved with this campaign? Please contact Will Zasadny, CLSA’s Director of Communications ( to learn more.