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CARB-X Featured Prominently at BIO 2017

FDA’s Edward Cox and CARB-X Executive Director, Kevin Outterson, in panel moderated by Forge Therapeutics CEO, Zachary Zimmerman

The global threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) faces serious scientific and economic obstacles, both of which garnered significant attention on the Infectious Disease Track at BIO 2017 in San Diego. Multiple panels focused on these issues, including (1) new technologies to overcome AMR mechanisms, (2) partnerships that de-risk R&D of antimicrobial products (a panel featuring CARB-X Executive Director, Kevin Outterson, moderated by Zachary Zimmerman, CEO of Forge Therapeutics and one of first Powered by CARB-X companies), and (3) economic incentives to create a viable antimicrobial market (featuring Joe Larsen of BARDA). Push incentives such as CARB-X are spurring much needed innovation and early-stage development in the AMR space, but there is also a critical need to develop an infrastructure of economic incentives to create a viable market pull for products that diagnose and treat bacterial infections and save lives. This urgent need to build consensus amongst global stakeholders was the focus of an additional panel on building a sustainable model for developing medical countermeasures featuring BARDA Director Rick Bright.